An Ode to Form and Feel

St.Leo Interiors Paint+Plaster Taiwan Official Distribution

本公司專營丹麥St.Leo Interiors 進口藝術礦物塗料,致力於環保、永續、有機、無毒的室內牆材,將居家美學帶往更高境界。

SENSEWARE 長期研究解構與建築之美,認為皆是生活美學的靈感來源。是一家專注於品味結合的公司,把ware拆開來,有器皿物件之含義。是一家結合設計、藝術與攝影...等,各種生活品味盛放的公司。

    We are interested in connections between architecture, interior design and fashion. Our work currently aimed to establish relationships between wall and objects. The interest in balance and form and the symmetrical versus the asymmetrical led us to explore geometric shapes as they appear in architecture, as well as fashion.

    The final we would like to inform people how space and the experience of space can affect how people feel. The feeling can be described as the experiential quality of architecture. At our shop, we hope to borrow and incorporate such feelings into our selected goods. We are aiming to incorporate the geometry of forms found in architecture into our goods to inform the potential of their sculptural qualities.

Sunday Jan 8 2023