An Ode to Form and Feel
Made in Denmark, St. Leo’s debut Dolomite Plaster collection consists of super-fine Dolomite stone and recycled ash for true, deep colour profiles and a long-wearing finish. Dolomite Plaster is packaged in a convenient, ready-to-roll form to be applied with a roller and finished with a trowel or brush for a subtle, earthy texture that is perfectly imperfect. Alongside the core collection of 16 Dolomite Plaster colours, St. Leo collaborates with clients and creatives to develop customized products from an almost limitless colour palette.

Dolomite Plaster


Herluf Trolles Gade 

Rue Bottero

Via Aurelia

Gammel Strand

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Marble Paint

Marble Paint merges the sensory quality of plaster with the deep colour profiles and effortless application of paint. When brushed or rolled onto interior walls and ceilings, Marble Paint imparts a subtle texture that is completely matte from all angles with a thick coverage and rich pigmentation to stand the test of time. Marble Paint is produced in Scandinavia from premium ingredients that are environmentally and health-conscious—the recipe is waterborne, solvent-free and low-VOC. Offered in 16 colours plus custom hues, Marble Paint invites creativity within homes, retail, and hospitality spaces as well as offices.


Herluf Trolles Gade

Via Lovanio

Rue Loubet


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Original Pigments

Colour—with all its emotive, psychological, cultural and aesthetic power—is the core tenet of Original Pigments. To expand our spectral horizons, we joined forces with All The Way To Paris, to search the globe for beautiful hues that possess a unique and transportive quality. Seven cities became the main source of inspiration: Antwerp, Athens, Copenhagen, Kyoto, Mexico City, Milan and Paris.

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Original Pigments comprises three paints designed for interior walls and ceilings spanning intense matte, matte and semi-matte finishes. A series of three wood and metal paints provides elegant solutions for the enhancement of rough surfaces with silk matte, semi-gloss or high gloss finishes.

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Sunday Jan 8 2023